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DIG 2025 will be held in Tübingen, Germany, in cooperation with the AK Geoarchäologie meeting, from May 21st to 24th 2025.  Check back here for the First Circular, to come soon.





DIG 2023 was held along with the meeting of the Geoarchaeology Group of South America in São Paulo, Brazil, from November 20th to 24th 2023.  Many thanks to Ximena S. Villagran and her team for an excellent conference and field trip!  The organising team's final message follows:

Dear all,
We would like to thank your presence at the 10th DIG-GEGAL in São Paulo. It was a very enriching event, with diverse research, multiple perspectives, and issues that cut across all Latin American countries. We would like to thank the following speakers Carolina Mallol, Mareike Stahlschmidt, Christopher Miller, and Francesco Berna, who introduced us to the most advanced methods in geoarchaeology, as well as to new
ways of working in collaboration with indigenous communities. Special thanks to Lucy Wilson, representative of the DIG, and Cristian Favier-Dubois, general coordinator of GEGAL, as well as the funding agencies CAPES and FAPESP, and the support of MAE/USP for promoting the event.

We would like to announce that a special volume of the journal Frontiers In Environmental Archaeology will be launched for the papers presented at the congress. All authors will be invited to submit their work to this special volume, edited in English. It will be launched in December 2023 with a submission deadline of May 2024. For authors who prefer to publish their work in Portuguese or Spanish, there will also be a special volume in the Journal of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, an indexed online open-access journal published by MAE/USP. Both are expected to be published in early 2025.


DIG is a series of international conferences designed to bring together a wide variety of international researchers, practitioners, and students in this diverse and interdisciplinary field to facilitate discussion, stimulate research, and promote international scholarship in geoarchaeology. 

This website serves as an archive for information on past conferences, and as a central entry-point which will facilitate access to information on upcoming conferences. It is also a mechanism for contacting people involved with DIG, including the International Steering Committee. 

Interested in hosting a future DIG conference?

Please contact Lucy Wilson ( or any of the steering committee members

for information about what is involved and how to apply.

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