Welcome to DIG!

Developing International Geoarchaeology (DIG) is the title of a series of very successful international conferences.   The goal of DIG is to bring together a wide variety of international researchers, practitioners and students in this diverse and interdisciplinary field in order to facilitate discussion, stimulate research, and promote international scholarship in geoarchaeology.    



This website is designed to serve as an archive for information on past conferences and as a central entry-point which will facilitate access to information on upcoming conferences.   It is also a mechanism for contacting people involved with DIG, including the international steering committee, listed below.

DIG 2017 was held in Newcastle, UK, September 4th to 7th 2017.  See our "Past Conferences" page or https://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/dig2017/about/ for more details.  Thanks to the organisers, led by Lisa Shillito, for a great conference!


We are now accepting applications to host DIG 2019.  Please contact Lucy Wilson (lwilson@unbsj.ca) or any of the other steering committee members if you are interested in hosting.




The international steering committee is a small, informal, group of researchers who have been involved with one or more DIG conferences to date, and who are willing to help promote the continuation of the DIG idea in the future.


Howard Cyr

Archaeological Research Laboratory

University of Tennessee, Department of Anthropology

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA



Pam Dickinson

Department of Natural Resources

Government of New Brunswick,

Fredericton, N.B. Canada      


Paul Goldberg

Department of Archaeology

Boston University

Boston, MA   U.S.A.  



Charles French

Department of Archaeology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, U.K.    



Jason Jeandron

Archaeological Prospectors

Fredericton, N.B. Canada


Helen Lewis

School of Archaeology

University College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland



Brandi Lee MacDonald

Senior Research Scientist, Archaeometry Division

University of Missouri Research Reactor Center

1513 Research Park Drive

Columbia, MO 56211



Richard Macphail

Institute of Archaeology

University College London

London, U.K.



Calla McNamee



Karen Milek

Durham University

Durham, U.K.



Lisa Sonnenburg

Ontario, Canada



Lucy Wilson

Department of Biological Sciences

University of New Brunswick in Saint John

Saint John, N.B. Canada